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Spotlight on Beauty Is Life Cosmetics: Brand and Product Reviews.

Before we jump into things I’d like to talk a bit about this wonderful brand called Beauty Is Life.

Beauty Is Life Cosmetics has quickly become one of my top favorite brands. I’ve had the opportunity to test and review a selection of makeup from Beauty Is Life and I fell in love the first time I applied one of their lipsticks (the shade Brown 10w, to be exact)

This high quality, professional brand was developed by Beatrix Isabel Lied who is an internationally renowned makeup artist, color and image consultant, and a university lecturer in cosmetics and color typology.

Her many years of experience at the University Clinic for Dermatology helped her design a makeup line that meets the most exacting standards. 

All makeup shades are divided into sections of either warm, warm-cool, and cool colors. All products are dermatologically tested and suitable for any and every skin type. This brand is also cruelty free! A major plus!


Beauty Is Life Lipsticks

Beauty Is Life Lipsticks are my favorite traditional bullet style lip products. They come in several shades and there is a perfect shade for every skin tone. The warm, warm-cool and cool classification makes it easier to find your best shades by matching your skins undertone to the appropriate shade undertone description. Of course this is not a rule, you do you! The BIL lipsticks TerraWood and Brown are all warm shades. While Tiramisu is considered warm-cool (AKA neutral) and Church is a cool toned shade. The packaging is so on point too, I love the sleek black look that BIL products have. Simple and elegant!

Shades from left to right: ‘Wood’ 17w, ‘Terra’ 11w, ‘Tiramisu’ 15w-c, ‘Brown’ 10w, ‘Church’ 22c.

These BIL lipsticks I own are all the same finish. They have a slight gloss, nothing too shiny, and are long lasting. They glide on like a dream, are very pigmented and not at all patchy. They also smell delicious, and not at all like chemicals. It’s a light cocoa butter scent in my opinion and it’s lovely. These are incredibly moisturizing and have vitamin E to protect against free radicals or environmental stress. I can wear these lipsticks for 5+ hours before needing a touch up, but it does transfer when eating, drinking, etc. Overall, I give these lipsticks a major recommendation to all of you lipstick junkies who like a good cruelty product! 5 stars!

‘Wood’, ‘Terra’, ‘Tiramisu’, ‘Brown’, ‘Church’.

Lip & Eye Contour Liners

Lip Liner in ‘Apricot’ and Eye Liner in ‘Olive’.

BIL Lip Contour Liners and Eye Contour Liners are creamy, matte, wonderful and long lasting products. I own one of each, a Lip Contour Liner in Apricot as well as an Eye Contour Liner in Olive, both of which are matte, warm shades. I truly adore them! They’re in twist up packaging, which means no annoying sharpening. Gotta love that!

Notice the built in sharpener on BIL twist up eyeliners

I love the little details that Beauty Is Life puts into their product packaging. For example, their lip and eye liners have a little rhinestone right on top of the lid, and they also show the product color on the packaging near the end of the pencils. On top of that, the eyeliner has a built in sharpener in the back of the pencil. It can be pulled out to use and snapped back onto the product. Since the eye and lip liners are the same size you can use the eyeliner sharpener on the lip liners as well. I love this feature, dulled twist up pencils are annoying to me because I feel like I have no control or precision with it.

‘Apricot’ 09w Lip Contour Liner and ‘Olive’ 04w Eye Contour Liner.

They have fantastic pigmentation and glide on without becoming patchy, even when you layer them. 
Eyeliner Cake

Beauty Is Life Eyeliner Cake in ‘Dark Blue’ 02c

This Eyeliner Cake in the shade Dark Blue is such an awesome, cool toned product! It basically looks like an eyeshadow but it’s not. Eyeliner cakes are dry to wet products. In order to activate the pigments you need to wet your makeup brush and swirl it into the liner cake, kind of like kids watercolor paints. Once it’s wet you can pick it up on your brush and apply it like you would a gel liner that requires the use of a brush. I like an angled brush for this, especially when doing a winged liner with it. It’s such a high quality product, it reminds me of ink or paint because it’s so opaque and pigmented. I know these cake eyeliners would be amazing for Halloween face painting and I’ll certainly be using them this year for my Halloween makeup looks!

Eyeliner Cake in ‘Dark Blue’ 02c

This is extremely pigmented, opaque and dries down to a very matte finish. It’s definitely a new favorite product of mine and I cannot believe I’ve went so long without owning an eyeliner cake, I was missing out big time! I feel like it’s very versatile and different colors can even be mixed to create your own custom shades. 
Cream Liner 

Cream Liner in ‘Dark Green’ 04w-c

The Beauty Is Life Cream Liners are my favorite formula I’ve found thus far in a pot liner. I have a gel liner from Maybelline that was my former go-to and it’s nowhere near as creamy or easy to apply as the BIL cream liner. This formula does not cause your brush to skip and tug on your lids like my Maybelline gel liner pot. Surprisingly, the creamy consistency does not take away from it’s opacity or pigmentation. It is so moist that I cannot see it drying up, unless of course its lid is not closed tight. It does take a few minutes to begin to set, and does so almost completely. It doesn’t set entirely but it also doesn’t smudge easily. I, personally, would opt to set it with an eyeshadow in the same shade. Especially if I was planning on wearing it out for more than a couple hours. This Cream Liner in Dark Green would also make an excellent eyeshadow base for a nice, deep green smoky eye. I absolutely adore it and I think anyone who likes gel or cream liners would adore it also.

Swatch and bottom of the Cream Liner pot in ‘Dark Green’ 04w-c

Eyeshadow Solos

Eyeshadow Solos ‘Avatar’ 88c and ‘Black’ 15c

Beauty Is Life Eyeshadow Solos are another fantastic product from this lovely brand. They also have a variety of Palettes and Professional Palettes of different products available on their site. I woas pleasantly surprised by the size of the eyeshadow solos that I received. They are by far the largest eyeshadow pans that I’ve ever seen or owned.

In fact, all of the BIL powder products I own (eyeshadow solos, cake liner and blush) have the same cosmetic compact style packaging and pan size, which is a whopping 3.8cm circular pan! I know these are going to last me for ages, so you are definitely getting your money’s worth when purchasing these eyeshadows.

The formula of these eyeshadows is truly phenomenal. The pressed powder is so silky and smooth, not pressed too hard, and not at all chalky. It’s very well pigmented and blending it out is a breeze. You might get a bit of kickback since the powders (not including the eyeliner cake) are not pressed down hard. I just tap off the excess on my brush right back onto the pan in the compact rather than on a desk or something. That way I can use it at a later time AND I’m not wasting product! Its really not much of an issue, the kickback is very minimal.

My favorite eyeshadow formulas are usually matte finishes and I adore the matte solo eyeshadows from Beauty Is Life. They are so buttery, blendable and really pack a punch of color, even when all I used as a base/primer was a small amount of concealer. 

I was sent a gorgeous matte mauvey shade called “Avatar” as well as a matte black, appropriately named “Black”.
In my humble opinion, a matte black eyeshadow is an absolutely essential item in one’s makeup collection. Finding a highly pigmented, opaque and blendable matte black shadow is actually not an easy task. However, Beauty Is Life completely nailed it with theirs! I recently used it in a black and silver glitter smoky eye (pictured below) and it performs beautifully. I was able to pack it on precisely with a smaller brush and had very little to no fallout. I was also able to blend the edges to perfection and didn’t lose much of the color intensity when doing so. This is my holy grail black eyeshadow now, I can never look back! The same goes for the shade Avatar, I had no trouble placing and blending out this stunning color flawlessly. I would highly recommend these shadows to everyone!

Eyeshadow Solo swatches in ‘Black’ 15c and ‘Avatar’ 88c
Eye look with BIL Black solo eyeshadow on the outer corners. Glitter adhered with BIL Sparkle Primer in Transparent.

When I swatched the above shadows, I did one pass around the pan with my index finger and wiped it onto the back of my hand twice to get these surprisingly pigmented swatches. There was no base or primer used, so you can clearly see how lovely these eyeshadows are and how they look on one’s skin.

Perfect Shine

Perfect Shine in ‘Palmery’ 06w

The BIL Perfect Shine product is a super fine, color intensive loose pigment. This particular shade is called Palmery and is a warm toned glittery pigment. It can be applied to the eyelid on its own, or in conjunction with either the Sparkle Primer in Transparent which acts as an adhering base as well as intensifying the color and can give a glossy effect. You can also use another similar product called Multi Black Magic Sparkle Primer. This is a gel like texture with wonderful staying power. Though I’ve not tried this product myself, when used as a base for Perfect Shine or Diamond Sparkle it is said to bring out beautiful color effects and reflects that you wouldn’t otherwise notice. I think that both the Perfect Shine and Diamond Sparkle look better when used with the BIL transparent Sparkle Primer, but I’ll show you swatches of each product, with and without the Sparkle Primer.

Perfect Shine in ‘Palmery’ 06w. The left swatch does not have Sparkle Primer, the right swatch does

Diamond Sparkle 

Diamond Sparkle in ‘Mars’ 23c

The Diamond Sparkle products are absolutely stunning. It gives the eyes an intensely colored and glossy, diamond effect that is to die for! I found that the particular shade I have, a cool toned pigment/glitter called Mars, looks and shows up best when applied on top of a BIL Sparkle Primer. I have swatch pictures with and without the Sparkle Primer so you can see for yourself. The effect over the primer is a foiled diamond look that is beyond flawless. I adore these products when used together!

Diamond Sparkle in Mars. Left swatch does not have Sparkle Primer, the right swatch does. Quite a difference!

Sparkle Primer 

Perfect Shine in ‘Palmery’, Sparkle Primer in ‘Transparent’, Diamond Sparkle in ‘Mars’

As previously mentioned, this is the magical Beauty Is Life Sparkle Primer in Transparent that transforms the Perfect Shine and Diamond Sparkle products, intensifying their color and gloss. It looks and is packaged just like a lip gloss with a doe foot applicator. I like to apply it straight to my lids just before I’m ready to apply some Perfect Shine or Diamond Sparkle, I pat it in with my ring finger like any other primer. You can apply your next product right away or wait for the primer to dry down a little bit. It should still be tacky enough to grab onto the powder or glitter you’ll be applying on top of it. I even used this primer to adhere glitter to my lids in place of a glitter glue. I made sure the primer was still very wet, applied liberally and it grabbed and held onto that glitter perfectly for hours! You can see the glitter in the picture of me above where I show the BIL Black eyeshadow in the makeup look I created. I loved how it looked and performed. It’s a very versatile product, and a little goes a long way.

Powder Blush

Powder Blush in ‘Poesie’

Last but certainly not least is another great product line from Beauty Is Life, which is their Powder Blushes. They are soft and silky, you can feel this simply by swatching it with your finger. Usually softer blushes are very powdery, chalky and sit on top of the skin rather than blending into it. These melt into your skin in the best way and gives off such a beautiful, radiant glow to your cheeks. I love this blush in ‘Poesie’ because its a beautiful neutral shade and is very pigmented so be sure to use a light hand to avoid looking clown like. 

A little tip: if you’re too heavy handed with your blush, simply go over it with your foundation or face powder brush with no additional product on it. This should help to tone down the brightness of the blush. You can also go over the blush with a small amount of face powder if you really went overboard. This trick works well for contour and bronzer products too if you happen to apply too much of those. 

Swatch of BIL Powder Blush in ‘Poesie’

It’s so very rare that I obtain a selection of cosmetics from the same brand and actually LOVE each and every product. This is one of those rare occasions! These products are all of the upmost quality and perform and wear beautifully. 

I’m always 100% honest with my reviews because I would never want to disappoint my followers and blog readers. In full disclosure, I was sent this selection of Beauty Is Life products for reviewing and promotional purposes. I’m sometimes sent products for review, and I purchase plenty of products myself too. Whether I was sent a product or I purchased one, it does not and will never influence my opinions. My reviews are all completely honest and unbiased. I can promise you all from the bottom of my heart that you will always get the truth from this beauty blogger! 

I hope you enjoyed learning of this outstanding brand and that you are now interested in trying out some Beauty Is Life products yourself. I’ve linked to their website as well as to each individual product page so you can easily find and purchase the product yourself. Trust me when I say you won’t regret your purchases!

Lots of love,

-CandeeGlam 💋


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