Wet ‘n Wild Spring Releases

Fantastic review of some gorgeous products from the affordable and cruelty free Wet n Wild Spring Collection!

Simply Stella

Sephora sent me an email asking me if I love my my VIB perks and that I needed to spend $9 more dollars to retain my status. I am thinking – what perks? They have, hands down – the worst point system of any retailer. I let my Rouge status laps because outside of one or 2 exclusive access releases and early access to the bi-annual 20% off sale – it is a lot of money to spend with no pay-off. I have a boat load of points stored up and only found 1 sample to cash in for with my most recent order. Such first world problems but no Sephora, I am not enjoying my shitty, non-existent VIB perks but thanks for asking.


The BOGO on Wet ‘n Wild has got to stop because I pretty much own the entire aisle at this point. I keep going back…

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