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Gripp-X Lips by Natalie 

Hey babes!

Have you ever had to sit and search through the million items in your purse just to find your lipstick/liner/gloss for a touch up? I know I have, and it annoys me to no end! Luckily, the lovely Natalie at Gripp-X has come up with a great (and ADORABLE) solution for this problem!

(P.S. They came in equally adorable little material sinch baggies!)

She created a nifty little holder with 3 different sized sides that will hold your lipstick, gloss and liner. You just put your products into the Gripp-X Lips holder and toss it in your purse! The Gripp-X Lips holders are made of a rubber material so your products don’t just fall out, hence part of the product name being ‘Grip’. It has been a great and very useful product for me and I know you will love it too!

Doesn’t that sight just make your makeup loving heart so happy!?

This is also a great way to match up your favorite lip products that you like to use together and keep them visible and organized on your makeup vanity or anywhere you store your makeup.
With the Holidays just around the corner, this is such a fabulous gift for any makeup lover in your life. They cost $9.50 each, or you can get a deal when you buy 3 you’ll get the 4th FREE! So be sure to head over to the Gripp-X website! 

Go check them out and grab a few of these babies for yourself, or for any makeup lover in your life!

Review Outline:

Claim: Organize your lip products and toss them in your purse.  Gripp-X will hold them together and make locating your favorite lip products as easy as possible. Also great for organizing and storing in your vanity.

Does it work as described?

Absolutely, in every way!

Would I recommend?

Yes!! Even if you just get one, it’s so convenient to have!

I hope you enjoyed this post & that you will also enjoy owning your own Gripp-X Lips and never again have to rummage endlessly through your purse when it’s time for a lip touch up!

Lots of love,



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