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3D Spider Eye Makeup – Halloween look #3

This may just be my favorite Halloween look that I’ve done so far! I wish I could say I came up with the idea but I saw it on Instagram many times. 

I changed it up a little bit and used a purple shadow on the spiderweb eye and black on the spider eye so that my eyeshadow shape would look like the body of the spider when my eye was closed. Like so:

Honestly this was totally outside my comfort zone but I’m so glad I did it! I had to wipe it off and start over a few times until I was happy with it. This would have been much easier had I used face and body paint to create it. However, I didn’t prepare and order any Halloween supplies that would arrive in time for me to use them for Halloween looks. Next year I will be better prepared!

I used all regular makeup again for this look! I had to keep switching between my felt tip liner pens and my liquid liner with a brush and bottle because the pens kept drying out on me. I would have preferred a white liquid liner to apply the highlights on the spider legs, but I don’t own one. 

I used a light concealer on a very thin liner brush to apply the highlight to the legs, and an eyeshadow on a very thin brush to apply the shadow of the spider legs.
I primed both my eyelids with a black eye shadow stick and set it with black eye shadow and blended it out just a tiny bit. I blended out the spider eye with black shadow and the spider web eye with purple shadow, and also contoured with those same colors on each side (one side with black and the other with purple)

I used a gorgeous purple lipstick to match with my hair and go with the somewhat of a purple theme.

And of course I had to include a scared picture because HALLOWEEN! 

I really liked that each side of my face was a little bit different, this look overall was both fun and a learning experience for me! 
Here’s the products I used:

  • Morphe Brushes 35B Palette for shadow and contour.
  • Wet n Wild Mega Liner in Black 
  • BH Cosmetics Liquid Liner Pen 
  • Essence Waterproof Liner Pen 
  • Revlon Smoky Eye Shadow Crayon in black 
  • Revlon Color Stay Concealer 
  • Beauty Is Life Lipstick in the shade Church.

Would you give this a try? What would you like to see me do next for Halloween? Tell me in the comments!


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