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Tamila Cosmetics Ultrasonic Handy Mist Sprayer Part 1: General Info, Uses & Demo video

The Tamila Cosmetics Ultrasonic Handy Mist Sprayer is a handheld, rechargeable device skin misting device that is revolutionizing the way you hydrate your skin, apply your favorite toner, makeup prep and setting sprays. 

This small handheld mist sprayer is from Tamila Cosmetics and is changing the way we can rehydrate our skin, cool down after a workout, refresh your skin with your favorite facial toners or gently set your makeup with your choice of setting spray. 
What makes this device so special is the super fine nano mesh through which your liquid products are sprayed through. The holes are so tiny that it creates an extremely fine and equal mist when activated. 

There are multiple reasons that this is such an innovative device. For example, have you ever found a perfectly formulated makeup prep or setting spray, only to discover that the bottle it’s packaged in is terrible? I know I’ve had setting sprays apply in little blobs rather than a fine mist, and this has ruined a finished makeup look and hours of hard work for me more than once. 

That same setting spray can be added into Tamila’s Ultrasonic Handy Mist Sprayer and your result will be an even coverage of finely misted setting spray every time! I’ve found it wonderful for wetting my makeup brushes to intensify eye shadows as well.

You will also save money on any products you use with the Ultrasonic Handy Mist Sprayer as you’ll be able to fully control where the product is distributed, as well as how much product you’re using, as the device has a button to control the amount of mist that comes out. No more wasted setting sprays or toners! Most of us apply our toner with a cotton pad if it doesn’t come in a spray bottle. Of course, a cotton pad absorbs much more product than it applies, which is rather wasteful especially if you’re using expensive products. Again, the Ultrasonic Handy Mist Sprayer will save on the amount of product you use. 

This device reaches beyond beauty uses as well. Fitness enthusiasts, athletes, joggers, or your average gym member could get great use from this handy and chic device as well. Filling the Ultrasonic Handy Mist Sprayer with water and misting your face, neck, chest, arms etc is a fantastic way to cool down quickly from a workout. 

It’s definitely a great device to have on hand during the summer or if you live in a hot climate. 

I definitely appreciate this device from a medical standpoint too. Both myself and my mother suffer from a medical condition that causes overwhelming hot flashes that occur at random as well as night sweats and awakening at night due to becoming overheated. Keeping this small portable device on my bedside table has saved me many nights of tossing and turning.

IMPORTANT: As I mentioned, the nano mesh in the Ultrasonic Handy Mist Sprayer is incredibly fine and easily clogged. It is recommended not to add any viscous liquids, such as essential oils or non-water based liquids, into the device as you risk clogging up the mesh. However, if you decide to try to add a viscous liquid you will definitely need to thoroughly cleanse the device.

I will be posting more instructions and information on specifics about the Ultrasonic Handy Mist Sprayer such as cleaning instructions and care, assembly/disassembly, how to fill the liquid chamber, a breakdown of button functions, what each color of the devices lights mean, unboxing and accessories included and any other information you would like to know about this device from Tamila Cosmetics. Feel free to leave me a question or request and I will certainly address it!

Until then, I’ve created a quick video demo voice over for you guys showing the device in action along with basic operating instructions. I hope you enjoy and be sure to check back for more information pictures and videos about my new favorite device! 



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