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How To Get The Most Out Of Your False Lashes.

If you’re a lashaholic like myself, you likely have several sets of eyelashes amongst your makeup collection. I’m sure most of you have seen a tutorial or two about the lashes application process, and one thing that you will hear in all of those tutorial videos is that you need to measure and trim strip lashes to fit your lash line. 

Once you’ve measured, you have to trim off the excess from the side of the strip lash that will be placed on the outer corner of each eye. Those excess trimmings are usually just thrown away. 

But, why? I hate to waste anything, and those outer corner trimmings can be put to many good uses! Depending on how large your eyes are, you might have a lot of excess lash. I’ll also tell you how to get raggedy lashes looking great again.

Now, let me tell you why you should be keeping these lash ends instead of trashing them! 

Ardell Fairytale, Ardell 136 Black, and House Of Lashes Iconic with trimmings saved!

Have a look at the photo above. I have quite a bit of excess strip lash left over after cutting them down to my size.

These could be used in multiple ways. For example: you’re going to work and have applied a daytime appropriate smokey eye. You know lashes would be over doing it, but still want to spice it up and make it a little bit edgy. Adding just a few flares of lashes on the outer corner of each eye is a perfect compromise. Yes, you can buy long individuals and do the same thing, but you can have these on hand and ready from lashes you already own. 

Another great way to use these is as half lashes. Ardell actually sells these in their ‘Accent’ line, which are incredibly comfortable. You can create your own from trimmings. You can also make half lashes out of styles that you have multiples of, or ones that are on their last leg. If you have some lashes that are starting to look ratty, you can still get more use out of it. 

First clean off all the glue and makeup by submerging the lashes in a very small bowl or container filled with makeup remover or rubbing alcohol and scrub gently with your fingers, rubbing the lashes between your thumb and index finger until all the product build up is off the lashes, making sure not to tangle the lashes.

Next, submerge the lashes in very hot water and let them sit there until the water has cooled enough to put your fingers in (be careful, don’t burn yourself!) Then, do the same scrubbing or rubbing motion as described above. This should get rid of any leftover products from the previous step and you can also try to reshape the lashes while still in the water. The heat and the water should get your lash hairs back to their original state, just like when you wash/wet your hair. Take them out and reshape or fluff them up and dry them off gently or let them air dry. They should now resemble what they looked like when you bought them. It may not be perfect, but it’s definitely an improvement and makes them usable again.

Now you can decide if you want to continue using them as is or if you’re going to make them into half lashes, like Ardell’s Accent lashes shown below.

All you have to do to create your own half/accent lashes is measure from the end of your outer lash line in toward the inner corner of your eye and decide where you want your half lashes to stop. You can make them longer or shorter depending on your preference. 

Ardell Natural Lashes that I had doubles of, cut into a  gorgeous half lashes with just a little trimming! 

I got these Ardell Natural Lashes fixed up enough to reuse them as half lashes (ignore the glue, they were completely clean but I was trying to get them to stick to the plastic mold.) I’ve basically doubled the amount of time a set of lashes can last you, as well as eliminating any waste…you’re welcome!

My final tip applies mostly to single layer, invisible band strip lashes like the ones pictured above and the Ardell 136 black lashes pictured below 

As you can see if you look closely at the lash band, the hairs are knotted in bunches around the invisible band. These can be carefully cut in between the lashes bunches and used as individual lashes in a pinch, or if you just want to use up the pieces you trimmed off. These Ardell 136 lashes would be perfect for cutting into individuals if you needed some and don’t have any because they have bunches in multiple lengths.

As for lashes with super thick bands like the House Of Lashes Iconic, you can keep those for occasions like doing your Halloween makeup. You could cut the excess lashes into bunches and use them on your lower lash line for a dramatic doll eye look, or wherever you’re imagination takes you to. The bottom line is, you won’t be wasting your product or money…and that’s awesome!

Did my lash cleaning process bring your false lashes back to life? Leave me a comment and tell me what you think, or what you want to see next! ❤


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