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Quick Tip: How To Fix Dried Up Gel & Cream Liner Pots

Have you ever had a fantastic gel or cream liner dry up on you in the pot? I recently had this problem with my Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner but I wasn’t ready to throw it away just yet because it wasn’t old. I thought about how I could salvage the liner and make it better because it was becoming very hard to work with. It was too dry and made my liner brush skip and tug at my lids. 

Then, it hit me..maybe I could use something to “whip” the gel liner into a more moussey consistency! That would definitely make the product easier to use! 

At first I thought I would use a toothpick, but I only had wooden ones and the last thing I wanted was little splinters in my gel liner! So, I got out my sewing kit and grabbed the biggest sewing needle I had. Then all I had to do was swirl the needle around in the eyeliner pot in a motion as if I were scrambling eggs. Once I did that, the product had a much softer and lighter consistency that made application a breeze. I honestly think this process made the liner better, and I’ll likely do this as soon as I open a new pot from now on!

The finished whipped up product, better than brand new!

7 thoughts on “Quick Tip: How To Fix Dried Up Gel & Cream Liner Pots

    1. Thank you,Gabby! It’s a great trick if you purchase a new cream or gel pot and have trouble working with it. Sometimes the product is pressed in or has settled in the pot and it’s texture is too hard to work with. A quick swirl with a sewing needle really softens it and distributes the moisture throughout the pot and product.

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