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ELF Blush Palette in Light Review & Swatches

Like its bronzer counterpart, this is another $6 steal. You get 4 pans in this palette as well, and they area decent size. Three of the pans have just the tiniest amount of really small glitter pieces in them which results in a pretty glow when applied. However, the 4th pan has visible glitter in it, and it does transfer onto the skin when applied. If you like a glittery blush, then you will like this particular one. If you don’t, the other 3 pans wear beautifully and don’t show or transfer glitter onto the skin.




As you can tell from the swatches, the colors of these blushes are quite beautiful. Starting with the top left pan (first swatch on the left), you’ve got a bright barbie pink that’s intensely pigmented. Beware of that when applying. Remember, start light and build the color up if you need to. Next, at the top right of the palette (second swatch from the left), you’ve got a unique color for a blush. It has a bronzer like color and comes off as a neutral pinky nude. It may come off as slightly warmer on other skin tones. It’s very nice for a natural look. Then, at the bottom left (second swatch from the right) you have a gorgeous pink that has a deeper undertone. In the pan it looks more mauvey or dusty rose compared to the shade above it in the palette. Finally, we have a coral toned pink blush. It is an absolutely beautiful color, however this is the one with the large glitter pieces in it. It is also much more chalky and less pigmented than the others in this palette. In my experience and opinion, the glitter chunks are big enough that they can be dusted off with a fan brush unless they adhere to wet product already laid down on the skin. A damp Beauty Blender might pick up the chunks of glitter, or at least help with blending and the chalky texture. Setting sprays will also help to dramatically decrease the chalky appearance of products that have that issue. These colors wear for quite a while when set with a makeup setting spray. I always use a setting spray so I cannot contest to how it wears without being set, but considering the pigmentation and blendability of these guys, I would think they would wear for a good few hours


If I had to pick favorites it would be the two pink ones in this palette (top left & bottom left) The brown toned one is very interesting, however the glittery coral color gets a thumbs down from me. That aside, you get a customizable palette with 4 shades and a significantly sized mirror. In fact, the mirror is the entire size of the palette lid shown above. I would definitely recommend this palette even though I have not tried the dark version of the ELF blush palette (I certainly intend to and will review it here on my blog) I have heard great things about it, and like the light version, will only cost you a whopping 6 Dollars for another customizable blush palette. Even if you don’t love all the shades…come on! It works out to be 1.50 a pan! That is most definitely a hard deal to beat, especially considering the incredibly convenient and versatile packaging.


That’s all for today, babes!
Check back tomorrow for a review and swatches of ELFs Contouring Blush & Bronzing Cream!


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