ELF Haul: Bronzer Palette in Deep-Review & Swatches

 I recently made another purchase from ELF cosmetics website and decided to use the opportunity to show you guys some of their new face palettes with swatches included, and a few other ELF things I purchased recently. This is my review of the ELF Bronzer Palette in Deep Bronze
I heard mainly good things about the ELF Blush Palettes and the Bronzer Palettes so I decided to give them a try. That was also the case with the Contouring Blush and Bronzing Cream Compact Duo, and given their unbeatable prices and cruelty free products, I couldn’t pass up the offer. I also picked up one of their Sculpt and Glow Duo Stix, Flawless Face Powder, and 2 face brushes.

Bronzer Palette in Deep Bronzer

This bronzer palette is exceptionally wonderful due to its versatility. Not only do you get 4 bronzer shades in a mix of matte and shimmer, but you can pop the pans out of these palettes and create your own custom palette containing your favorite shades. ELF also has a bronzer palette in Light and two blush palettes (light and dark) with removable pans, I’ll talk about those later in this post. There is also a contour palette designed in the same way, so you could create a convenient travel palette with a powder for each purpose.
This is the front of the bronzer packaging. All the palettes mentioned above have this sleek and expensive feeling look, as well as a large mirror inside that is the same size as the cover of the palette.
Most palettes don’t include such a helpful mirror, so that was a big plus.



The product inside is an absolute hit. It contains 2 shimmers and 2 mattes, as well as 2 cooler toned powders and 2 warmer toned pans. The feeling of the product itself is like that of one of its high end
contenders. It’s absolutely creamy, buttery, pigmented perfectly and blends like a dream. This is fantastic, as you don’t want your bronzers or contours to look muddy and not blended. I was actually very surprised by the texture of the matte bronzers. Mattes can tend to be chalky, but these are definitely not.  The description on the back of the cardboard packaging reads: “This powder bronzer palette holds 4 complimentary shades to mix and match throughout the year for a custom blended glow. This mixture of matte and shimmer finishes is great for contouring, shading, sculpting and highlighting.” So, depending on your skin tone, you may be able to get away with using this palette as a contour kit as well, and you could probably be set for bronzers all year long if you purchase the light and dark versions of the bronzer palettes. I highly recommend them!


Here’s a look at the back of the palettes packaging, you can see that the shiny black plastic squares are the individual pans that you can pop out with ease, yet it is still very sturdy and wont fall out of the palette.



And, of course, the shots of the all important swatches. I, personally, like to see swatches before buying a new product. So here they are, folks! The first two swatches are the top shades from left to right, and the last two swatches are the bottom shades from left to right. Although in the pan you can definitely see shimmer in two of the shades, I’ve noticed that they really don’t show up in swatches or on the skin. That might be good news for those of you who like to keep their bronzers matte. (I’m one of those people!)



In conclusion, I think these bronzer palettes are an absolute steal, costing only $6 each. They perform as well as any other bronzers I’ve tried, and even better in some cases. The packaging is so on point with these, the ability to customize your own palette for 6 bucks makes me all fuzzy inside. I loveeee a good makeup deal!

Look for tomorrows post where I’ll cover the ELF Blush Palette in Light!

Until then…Peace & Love


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